Academic Support

If an EMS student is struggling academically, here are some helpful suggestions on where to get support or information: 

Student Planners:

  • Students are given planners at the beginning of the year to keep track of their homework assignments. Student planners also contain valuable information like student expectations and school policies. If your student is having trouble remembering to complete or turn in assignments, check their planners regularly and encourage them to write down their homework assignments for each class every day. 


  • Always begin your search for academic help/support by contacting the teachers and discussing your concerns.  Communicating directly with your child's teacher is the best place to begin.

Schoology: (Students and parents/guardians MUST have their own account)

  • Monitor your weekly progress-check to make sure you've submitted all of your work.  

  • Email access to your teacher- write them directly and ask questions.  They will respond!

Online textbooks:

  • Some class subjects have online textbooks that include an audio option and/or links to explanations and helpful examples. 

Teacher Conferences:

  • If your student is having trouble in a particular class you should arrange to have a meeting with the teacher.  Many issues can be resolved by doing this.  The best way to contact a teacher is through email.  It is important that you contact the teacher first if there is an issue within the classroom