Leadership Program


keep calm and lead on

Excelsior's leadership program strives to create a welcoming place at school where each student can participate in activities and find a place to be themselves. The class is comprised of elected student body officers and students selected through an application and academic review process. Leadership skills are developed through workshops, retreats, and planning activities at school and in the community.


Dance: plans 2 after school dances and 1 semi-formal

Rally: plans 3 Renaissance rallies and the Talent Show

Recycling: picks up and sorts paper and plastic recycling at school

Kindness Matters: plans and implements programs to spread kindness and respect

Recognition: recognizes students and staff throughout the year

Spirit: plans spirit days and weeks

Sports: organizes and runs sports activities at lunch

Music: plays music at lunch on Fridays and school activities

Fundraising: raising funds for student programs